Lunar Fertility Calendar without Gender Selection

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Get pregnant faster with the moon: a natural and reliable method of pregnancy planning.

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Cosmobiological conception planning according to dr Jonas:

If you are planning to get pregnant, you should consider and use - in addition to your ovulation days from the biological menstrual cycle – the fertile days of your personal lunar cycle. The energies of the moon can trigger a second, spontaneous ovulation on these days. This discovery was made in the sixties by the Czech psychiatrist and gynecologist dr Eugen Jonas. He spent his life studying the phenomenon of moon phase fertility and found out that 85% of women conceive during their lunar fertility period and only 15% during their regular ovulation. The greatest chance of conception occurs when the time of the biological ovulation overlaps with that of the lunar ovulation. The odds to become pregnant are then 98%.

During the years of research dr Jonas made yet another great discovery: the position of the moon does not only influence woman’s fertility but it also makes it possible to predict the gender of the baby with over 95% accuracy.



You will receive an overview of your most fertile days according to your individual lunar fertility cycle. If they are close to your biological ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant on those days are extremely high.

But even if they lie far away from your regular ovulation, the chance that you conceive during an unprotected sexual intercourse is still good since the energy of the moon can trigger a second (“lunar”) ovulation.

Use your individual cosmobiological fertility peaks in addition to your regular ovulation from your biological menstrual cycle. This will significantly increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly.

Extensive research has shown that when the most fertile days of both cycles are used to conceive, 85% of pregnancies occur during the lunar fertility period and only 15% during the regular menstrual cycle.

The calculation includes individual recommendations for an optimal time for sexual intercourse with the aim to get pregnant, as well as numerous hints that you should follow in order to increase the reliability of the method.

Cosmobiological fertility calendar without sex selection is best for couples who want to use all opportunities to get pregnant as soon as possible. The sex of the child is less relevant for them. The calendar will therefore list your most fertile lunar phases (your individual lunar fertility peaks) but it will not show what gender you can expect if you get pregnant on those days (it will remain a surprise and will not influence your decisions).

This calculation provides a great opportunity for women who do not know the length of their biological cycle, or if its length differs from cycle to cycle. Thus it is a great tool for every woman who finds it difficult to determine the timing of her biological ovulation. Since your cosmobiological fertility is completely independent of your menstrual cycle, your Lunar Fertility Calendar will show you a specific time in the month when you are most fertile.


Our fertility calendars are always created individually and are very precise. The calculations take into account many important parameters, such as:

- influence of the lunar and solar eclipses,

- changeover to summer / winter time in your place of birth at the time of your birth as well as in your place of residence during the entire period of planned conception,

- very exact (on an hour basis) recommendation for sexual intercourse in the version with gender selection,

- exclusion of some lunar fertility peaks, if the position of the moon in the zodiac signs makes the sex determination uncertain.

The calculations are made for the period of 12 months, beginning with the month of your order.

You will receive the calculations as a PDF file by e-mail within 1-3 business days after we have received your payment. Please contact us if they have not been delivered during this period.

We make calculations for every place of birth and residence in the world.


To calculate your fertile days according to your individual lunar cycle we will need:

- your date of birth

- your time of birth (exactly, +/- 5 minutes)

- your birthplace

- your place of residence (the place where you plan to get pregnant, i.e. if your place of residence is the UK, but you are planning to travel outside your time zone and work on your pregnancy planning there as well, we will need to create two Lunar Fertility Calendars)

Please enter your data in the field „Bemerkungen zur Bestellung und Lieferung“ shortly before you finalise the order in the area „Prüfen & Bestellen“ – before you press the button "Kaufen“. Alternatively you can also send us an email with the data

Your data will be treated confidentially and are subject to the Data Protection Act – see Privacy policy in our terms and conditions. They are used exclusively to create your lunar fertility calendar and then deleted immediately.

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Important information:
The lunar conception method promises success if both partners are healthy and their reproductive capacity is not limited by any health problems. The lunar fertility calendar is not suitable for a woman prone to miscarriages or stillbirths, or one who has already given birth to a disabled child. It might be that there were certain unfavorable constellations between the Moon and other planets at the time of her birth which we can not take into account in this version of the lunar fertility calendar.